Layers of our Lives

Change is inevitable, everything changes except for what is eternal like the love of our creator. The cycle of change is sometimes uncomfortable, painful, feared, but most of all like the transition from summer to fall the result is beautiful. Similar to the bloom of roses as the petals peel back, or the trees releasing their leaves to color the foundation on which they consume. None other beauty compares to the artwork of nature. Like the earth, life changes, whether or not is shows on the face of others. It may not show on the anterior frame of their physic, but the mind, the heart of which God speaks, changes. Peeling back the layers of our actions, revealing our true intentions sometimes unveil emotions making reality sensitive to the eyes like onions. May they be tears of joy in abundance, as they find the remains of where I decide to eternally rest my eyes there will be substance, gold, words of value for those who live beyond my time so they know they are not alone. I too embraced the discomfort, pain, fear, and beauty during the cycle of change peeling back the layers of our lives. – L.H.

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