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Set the example!

Amazing how you can feel yourself so out of sorts, distorted, thrown off your course just for you to recognize the cause and effect. I’d rather realize that before the climax so I can be the resolution. Every problem, no matter the demographic has a solution. So many people, things, thoughts coming to influence our energy, simply because your light shines bright and they’re curious to know why. What’s so special about you? What makes me different from you? Can I tell you the truth?, NOTHING! Perspective is something we all possess and can choose to improve. I’m a child of God in this beautiful world turmoiled with chaos, not a product of it, just like you. Your light shines bright like mine, if you want it to. Flip your switch and embrace the enlightenment. Everything has meaning, every choice has its benefits as well as consequence, this is our circumstances on earth for the time being. When you decide you want to shine bright, be someone’s silver lining of sunlight, naturally you attract the dark ones. Whether it’s just to be a peek, making their peep hole of hope a window of opportunity for them to grow. Some just, well you know, love ignorance, waiting for you to get tired or lose your composure because they envy the good you speak unto others, they feel looked over. I’m a king, but not over people. I stoop low as I can to lift those feeling broken below a standard to equal level or higher. I admire those who humble themselves and smile though the internal conflicts that has them past their boiling point, I come to sprinkle love, comfort, and motivation over them like ice water. It’s ok, persevere and set the example! -L.H.


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