Sunday synapse

Out live it
1samuel 17:33-37

1.) Expect Criticism. Destructive criticism/Constructive criticism. What people think or say does not dictate your destiny.
17:33 (Saul saying there’s no way you can win) did not make David believe he can not win.
*Romans 12:14 bless those who persecute you, do not curse them. Pray that God will bless them.
We will not always understand Gods purpose for our lives. When people begin to criticize you, you may have began to tap into your God given purpose. The way God made you attracts what’s meant for you.

2.) Express competency. 17:34 David persisted. Your personal private battles prepare you for the public battles that propel you to your destiny. Before Goliath David had to fight off lions and bears from his fathers sheep.

3.) Establish Confrontation. 17:35 I GO AFTER IT(lion)
Stop being reactive and be proactive. Take action, perfect your DEFENSE. embrace the strength and power God gave you.
*Luke 10:19 I have given you authority over all the enemy, and you can walk among the snakes scorpions and crush them. Nothing will injure you.


4.) Evaluate my capacity. 17:36-37. I will do to that philistine what I did to the lions and bears. David spoke, believed, prophesied victory and authority over any battle and confrontation. OUT LIVE IT!

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