Doin’ it

Doin it and doing it well. I’m just doing what I figured was my purpose. Making these letters form words, metaphorically performing surgery, putting together these words to form poetry. Healing, informing those who need to listen, or just choose to lend a ear. Feel the passion and love I give here to expose mere facts and hidden emotions we all shed tears and react on, causing us to look back on our ignorance to exactly what was happening. In those tears were growth, formation of the character We’re becoming, who the universe needs to carry out the function of our God given qualities. Openness doesn’t make you weak, it just reveals the strength of the spirit securing your mental faculties. Leaders endure the path of following those who love to lead them where they need to be. An example of what to do to reach their destiny, so they can be doin it and doing it well.

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