Love Languages

Over time the designated purpose of a significant other has changed. Some still stick to the original “old school” monogamy lifestyle while others find benefit in freelance dating and open relationships. Some even choose to be alone due to the confusion of what their counterpart needs, wants, and or expects from them. There is so many reasons to why marriages and relationships don’t “get over the hump” so to speak, you can find 8 overlooked reasons here; . I’ve come in contact with people who have known each other for years, some decades or more and then once they marry the commitment doesn’t last a year or two. Then there’s others who met by a moment of chance then get married within months or a year of knowing each other and make it last a lifetime.

What is your perspective on what’s causing such a shift in society? Is it safe to say that a true oath of commitment between two people is losing its virtue?

My 5 love languages are simple from my point of view, Words of affirmation, quality time, gifting, acts of charity/ kindness, and romantic affection. Simply because these things I know for a fact are a priority for me to display on top of many other character traits my mentors if life raised me to believe a man must do like manage, protect, provide, and comfort.

What are your 5 love languages? Why?

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