Featuring Ms. Jessica Daniel

If you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours. A currency that emanates in this world, to receive respect we must give the same thing. The give and take of a human beings experience. It can be stated as an investment, as every relationship forms a part of this bucket system. It simply describes karma, treat others badly and it returns to you. Why not provide someone with a favor before asking for one? Whatever you wish men to do to you, do so to them, it’s the essence of mortality, and the shortest way to benevolence. You can try to break me but you will be destroyed, because you’ll reap as you sow. Reciprocity is an echo based instinct. The highest modern law that cannot be extinct. However I have loved many and have received hurt in return, I have trusted some and received disappointment. They have push me to my limits for me to fight back but I learned that no one can hurt me without my permission . A great teacher said love is reciprocal, without reciprocation of feelings, actions, and intentions you submit to victimization. Sometimes it doesn’t matter if you follow the golden rule, how they feel is how they treat you, including making you look like a fool. Yet reciprocation is the reason why gratitudes never expire, favors , benefits or penalties that are granted will be returned in the same way as required. Jessica Daniel (monalijayelle)

The truth, I give to you what you give to me, The breath of life. Tug and pull, these emotional tug of war games being played but this is reality. To the safe of my feelings you possess the key while the mental psychosis is in motion, wheels turning and I’m hoping for a stop light at your love’s location, though I never received the invitation. Was it my lack of patience? My unlimited expectations? A wandering minds miscalculation. oh well, we should never regret giving our all, even when it’s not given in return. Can’t carry the effort we give as a debt owed, if at all we owe ourselves to understand some just aren’t capable of reciprocation and therefore weren’t meant to. That doesn’t mean give up, don’t quit, even when you’re tired, fed up, you’re worth more than enough. Here, release the shackles on my subconscious and I’ll lift you up. Set me free, I got you if you got me. I’ve loved, been deceived, and have received it in return. I’ve even denied loves identity due to the fact it grew from a seed of lust fallen from the forbidden tree in this garden of sin. This verbal karma sutra a public display of affection, my lights due to shine after you rain on me breeding sun flowers beneath your feet. A healthy balance, You scratch my back and I scratch yours. Love me and I come with overflow to love you more. Let the life you lead be an example of what’s to be reciprocated in yours.- Lamar Hanley

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