Valuable minds

The times today as I sit here listening to the rain fall embracing the peace and solitude in the midst of the political, inhumane chaos throughout the world. I admire those who love to learn, just as much as the ones who choose to teach for the greater good. The role of the educator is acknowledged but not as appreciated as it should be. There is so much for the children of this age to retain and utilize for the future, for they should know wisdom is simply knowledge from the voice of experience applied to action. Of all the curriculum chosen by educational committees, the foundations of character and the principles of life observed and perceived during our adolescence either destructs us or allows the students of life to better comprehend, respect, embrace, utilize everything we learn from the required curricula to become our best selves, and envision successful outcomes while doing so. The mindset we use to manifest our lives designates the decisions we make that produces our destiny.

The following poem is a collaboration with Mr. Gray named “sacrificial” in the published book Purple Calligraphy sold on, he can also be found at My best wishes and love go out to the teachers of today, the valuable minds of tomorrow and Mystic Sphere Magazine for inspiring me to write this article.

Live this life as a mission
Not like
The definition of sacrifice doesn’t apply to us.
Would you give what you want to obtain things you need?
Use what makes you grieve, as motivation to discover meaning in what you don’t understand. Develop patience
When creating the blueprint to succeed
While disregarding the systems plan
to control our dreams
They Only tell us the truth through
fictional movie scenes
to question what we believe.
Just spread my ashes amongst the calmest of seas
Write my words along a cross and put it in a popular place so people who’s interested read it and I can look down to see the look on their face. When I’m gone. Know
I sacrifice my life knowledge to ensure
The future generations brains are polished,
The mission is to rise above the standards the system sets for the common human. What’s your sacrifice?

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