I am thankful for a God who

Fathers the fatherless with open arms, A God who

Anoints His children who believe and know we all fall short of his glory, A God who is

Inseparable for His love is omnipresent, A God who is

Trustworthy to lean on in the battle of the day til the peaceful rest at night, A God who helps us embrace

Happiness through our toughest times, a reason to keep a smile on our face A God who

Forgives his children for they know not what they do, A God who is

Universal, His light shines afar from England to Peru, A God who

Loves and wants you to love others the way that he loves you.

A beacon of protection who’s promises never waver

“O give thanks! Unto the Lord, for He is good! And His mercy lasts for ever.”


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